Effective Responsive Complex Web Sites for Clients

One framework, Every Device:

Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

Full of Features:

With Bootstrap, you get extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML elements, dozens of custom HTML and CSS components, and awesome jQuery plugins.

That's how Buildeeji chooses Bootstrap for responsive complex websites and c#.net MVC frame work for its security and high performance layered architecture.

Buildeeji has in-depth knowledge on any product, property, professional, service. Your business may involve in any area, Buildeeji can evolve utmost output for the customer requirements.

Buildeeji provides various customizable design sets and focus on creating a responsive website to fit your brand at the top of the competetors. Our team presents, revises and collaborates to finalize the perfect design for your needs. We believe that a close collaboration is the foundation for an outstanding and glamorous result.

The highly capable and experienced team knows how to overcome challenges to perform a task within defined time schedule and without compromising on standards, quality and safety procedures.

Promotion Through Digital Marketing & TV Ads


Digital marketing allows us to promote a business (Products or Services) through Online. It differs from Traditional Marketing i.e. Digital Marketing provides the business and End-users a digital media to reach the Targeted audience.

Why Digital Marketing?

Because it is cost effective, unlike traditional marketing you don't need to invest lakhs/crores of money to market the Products or Services. The Services or Products get better exposure by investing minimum amounts in digital marketing. The search results will bring your website on the first page by using proper Search Engine Optimization techniques as per your business requirements.

Today we are living in the digital world and we can't imagine the world without the word digital and a day without internet. So, as most of the users are spending their valuable time on social media, it is easy to get brand awareness to your Product or Service.

Finally, through digital marketing your business will get more customers compared to traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Services/Strategies:

An End To End E-Commerce Product On Sale (Magento 2.1.7)

The Magento Advantage:

The world’s biggest brands love Magento for its flexibility, because today’s consumers and their buying patterns are changing in a minute. Only Magento—open source and agile—can help you adapt and thrive. With a global ecosystem of 150,000 developers and a network of 300+ highly-trained solution partners, Buildeeji boosts your online sales while maximizing gross margins.

The World’s #1 Commerce Platform:

Magento is the most popular commerce platform in the world, with more than 250,000 merchants around the globe selling more and driving innovation.

Stay Ahead of Customer Trends:

Consumer behavior is changing every day. Today’s bleeding edge innovation will be tomorrow’s table stakes. Magento gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your platform to create a unique, differentiated branded experience. Adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns.

Expert Implementation Partners:

Magento is more than just a platform or product. The Magento Solution Partner Program provides trained and certified experts to help you get to market fast, create amazing customer experience, and sell more.

Boost Sales. Shrink Costs:

On average, merchants using Magento grows 3X faster than those on competitive platforms. They also realize a 50 percent reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. Sell more, save more, do it faster.

That’s how Buildeeji chooses Magento to create numerous advantages for customers.

Allows Sellers To Join With Gostores.in To Sell Products Online

Buildeeji proudly announces its new product Gostores.in

The online supermarket to sell any product online, seeking sellers across India.

Promotes Business Partners To Succeed In Reaching Their Goals

Once Buildeeji receive the responsibility of customer business targets, examines customers business carefully and analyzes the areas of improvement and thoroughly works to achieve it in a step by step process.

Buildeeji also analyzes where the business impact is happening and then assigns a dedicated resource for making necessary calls and thus helps in marketing.

Buildeeji specially looks and uses all its Digital Marketing Procedures for its promotion and those meeting the client targets.

Integrated Business Portal Buildeeji.com is On Live!!

Buildeeji.com is an integrated business portal.

Business page creation:

Buildeeji creates profile on any Product, Material, Property, Professional, Service. This profile will be reached to end users in many promotional ways.

Using this profile

  • One can change the profile content and products
  • Add gallery images
  • Check regular business enquiries/leads for free
  • Profile can be used in visiting cards, no need to maintain separate website.
  • Increase your business branding

Ex profiles:





Business Promotion:

Buildeeji uses many promotional ways in reaching its information to end users.

  • SEO helps in getting the Buildeeji listed information on Google/AOL/Bing
  • SMO helps in getting the Buildeeji listed information on face book, twitter etc
  • TV ads - directly attracts all categories of people
  • Message campaigning helps in reaching the information to nonsocial networking people
  • Daily Emailers will alert the professional people

Business Development:

Once Buildeeji receives the responsibility of customer business targets, examines customers business carefully and analyzes the areas of improvement and thoroughly works to achieve it in a step by step process.